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Family Therapy to Heal

Family Therapy does not mean that every family member has to attend. We will work with whomever comes in the door with a motivation to make their life different.

Because each person in the family system experiences change differently, I often recommend a combination of individual, couples and/or family therapy.

Attending couples or family therapy is not a condition of treatment at Lachut Family Therapy.

Some issues that people seek counseling for include:

  • grief

  • relationship conflict

  • family addition (new baby, adoption, elderly care)

  • infertility

  • parenting

  • stress related to marriage or couples

  • grief

  • stress related to change in lifestyle

  • anxiety

  • mood changes

  • depression

  • anger

 At Lachut Family Therapy, there are solutions for all of these issues and more.


Rebecca M. Lachut, LMHC LMFT, Therapist


Services by appointment only

I accept Cigna, Florida Blue, multiple EAPS, and Tricare insurances. I also accept self pay appointments.