Scientific American Article on How Anxiety Is Created by Harsh Parenting

No parent wants to create anxiety, let alone an anxiety disorder in their child. All of the parents who show up to my office want nothing more than to find out how their child can cope with the stress that life throws at them--and most of all help their child to take those coping skills into the rest of their lives. 

Anxiety is not always a disorder, and in fact can be a healthy and normal response to extreme circumstances. Our bodies need to respond to extremes, and anxiety is a natural response to that extreme. Typical anxiety should aid in a short term response and then resolve when the extreme is gone. 

 Scientific American has now released research that shows a prolonged extreme style of parenting can create anxiety in children. This parenting style is sometimes called "tiger parenting" or a harsh and emotionally distant style which pushes the child to constantly achieve.

The style is characterized by high control and low warmth. It creates critical interactions without regard to the bond being created. This style is linked to three times higher occurrence of anxiety disorders in children. The article also touches on the repercussions into adulthood. 

As always, I am available for consultation and treatment if you are concerned about your parenting style or the effects on your children. Many anxiety disorders respond to therapy, and in the case of anxiety exacerbated by parenting style, family therapy is a great option.