Self care: Myths and Misunderstandings

As I reflect on the short break from work that I've taken this week, I am reminded of the simplicity of waking up, completing tasks toward the good of my family, and the deep sense of wellbeing that comes from organization. 

I think that for the last few years, time off has come with a sick child or appointments which require more emotional or physical investment (not to mention financial). I have forgotten that finding "the time" doesn't have to mean "me time", and focusing on finding me time has almost felt like a mythical odyssey of a journey--too many barriers, too many partial truths, too much thought and not enough payoff for the energy. 

This week, though, I've cleaned the house, taken walks, spent time with my son and taught him to garden. The gardening in particular has been a revelation wherein I am remembering that expense and time are not equal to afford deep satisfaction. I need low expense, high creativity and choice, and the newness that comes with teaching my son how to care for our house and plants.  This combination feels like self care-- I know that I am more solid and in tune because of how I have spent my time.

It is nice to remember this part of myself that I had forgotten while working, under daily and life stress.